no homers club

NHC’s halloween special: TREEHOUSE OF HORROR!!


so this is happening on the 4th november 2016 @constellations, liverpool, UK [link].
go checkout the facebook event info [here] and you can grab tickets [here].

the event is being hosted by NHC. [interweb at these places: fbk / insta / twitr].
if you’re local, please make sure you come along, cos it’s gonna be fucking brilliant!


you guys know of my love for absurd foetal specimans, and i’ve managed to get my hands on some very special new embryonic samples especially for this event!!

they were sourced from a stereotypical nuclear family in Springfield, USA. i’ll be nurturing these beautiful oddities over the coming weeks and will be bringing them along for attendees to checkout and maybe even take home – for a small fee, of course!  (after all, plagerised DNA dont come cheap!)

see y’all there!   x
chris z