creatively speaking, im having a terribly dry patch.  it’s not that i havent got ideas – i do. i have more than i can possibly squeeze into my available time. the problem is more that i cant seem to get anything finished.

at timeswhen i lose focus, i have a tendency to look through old work and sketchbooks to try and ignite my inspiration and work ethic. but it never helps.

indeed, it usually only highlights how many other unfinished projects ive accumulated over the years. these are 3 images from my metaphorical pile of unfinished digital works. there’s something about each of them that i still quite like..

“merman”  [pencil sketch + p/shop, wacom. july 2007]

“little miss muffet”  [p/shop, wacom. may 2007]

“in the closet”  [p/shop, wacom. may 2008]

but it got me wondering, do other creative types have as much unfinished work lying around??  have writers got boxes of forgotten tales which never made it beyond 2 chapters? do all other artists have dozens of unfinished canvasses stacked ontop of the wardrobe? or 40gb of digitally created images backed-up but forgotten on your hard drive? musicians too, must have unfinished melodies bursting out from under the bed?

…or is it just me who only completes 1 project out of 20?