whaddya think of my new moneybox?

amongst the random things i got for my birthday were a paint-your-own stegasaurus moneybox,  and some kids air-drying plasticine [thanks again to party and face respectively!]

as soon as i saw that lil’ dinosaur i knew he was gonna get butchered. taken me a few months to get round to it, but ive eventually got it sorted. this is what i think is best described as a ‘jason freeny on-the-cheap‘.  [mr. freeny does things like this incase you dont know who he is.]

actually this was a very quick project. i spent more time cutting the blighter up [badly], than making his calcium deficient innards. it is certainly not anatomically correct – but then it was always more of an experimentation in freenyness than a musuem candidate. [hmm, that sounds like im making an excuse.] if im honest, technical accuracy has never been something i like encroaching on my work.

and that last admission makes me sound a bit slapdash and lazy – which is not really the case. [that, right there, was a lie too.] it’s more to do with my terrible attention span - if a project isnt finished within a few sittings then it get relegated to the unfinished pile and is never seen again. indeed, i was moaning about that recently [moan].

so, using the silly notion that a person can change and improve themselves, i have been working on a painting which i would have normally ditched ages ago. it still isnt finished, but i have been persisting even when my heart is not in it.

so i will get it done soon.


[fyi. the painting in question is a zombie pin-up girl!]