i was getting annoyed at the fact that my most recent post concerned the f***book incident. so i went in search of something a bit more interesting that you folk may not have seen yet.

i found a dinosaur :D

“A is for…”  [photoshop+wacom. 30 may 2009]

fab!’  i thought, when i found the dinosaur.  but then i remembered that the last post i made to this blog before being deactivated on that other website was also about a dinosaur…

AND this particular dinosaur is embracing lady liberty. liberty – which i associate with freedom of speech and all that other rubbish …which leads my thoughts straight back to zuckerberg’s doorstep.

ah well, maybe my mind will drift to new territories soon with the onset of halloween..

incidentally, the picture is titled, ‘A is for…’ because it was painted for an imagineFX forum challenge entitled, ‘A is for…’  y’know, some days my originality knows no limits. some days. clearly 30th may 2009 was not one of them days.

is anyone willing to speculate on what A may stand for?