in the aftermath…

so halloween is over.

everyone’s had their fix of spooky for the year. the fake blood gets washed off. the pumpkins evaporate from display. life returns to normality… and attention is slowly turned to the next commercial invasion force – an army whose point man is a coke-addicted polar bear!

but im still here.

im still drawing eyeballs. still sketching dead things. still constructing things that may once have been alive [or yet may live :D ].

my zombie fingers tattoo may have faded, but it is etched into me far far deeper than my rotten cadaverous flesh..

[28 days after the initial finger infection]

so, i’m raising my flag to all the others out there who live daily with zombies in their life.

whether it’s a love of costumes and prosthetics; a taste for fake blood; a love of guns and gas masks; the zombie as a real phenomena; an insatiable thirst for the movies, books, and comics that make up a massive industry these days. maybe you have a particular passion for the zombie bands [oh how i love the bands!]. or maybe, like me, there’s a much deeper psychological association – one that’ll get you sectioned if anybody ever finds out the truth…

whatever your reason, i offer you a hi-five [which is no doubt missing a few digits]. i stand with you, shoulder-to-shoulder amongst the horde. and i will still be here when the phase passes and all the others have moved onto the next horror-themed fad [werewolves are making a resurgance, right?].

i leave you with a song that is close to my un-beating heart.  but please drop a comment an let me know what it is that floats your undead boat?  and, as we say around here:


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