another sketch from me today…

[cs5 +bamboo. 1 ½ hour. 26 nov 2011]

i’m considerably happier with how today’s sketch turned out. it started of as one of them ‘make some scribbles and see what it looks like!‘  this little guy just kinda popped out of the shapes..

below is the original canvas if anyone cares. you can see him in there, right? it makes me want to get some genuine rorschach inkblots and see what i can make out of them!

so yesterday i told you i was on sketch 3. and +1 today takes me up to 5!  yes, five. i’m not cheating though, not really. cos i did a sketch for my new tattoo on the 22nd nov – which technically means i have sketched for 5days in a row!

yay me! :D