hello zombie kitty

my first ever zombie related post to this blog was to show you a zombified hello kitty, that i’d painted for a friends birthday [link]. and since then it’s been the 2nd most popular search that’s directed traffic here..

so, i figured if people want to see zombie hello kitties, then it’s only good manners that i should oblige…

hello 28 kitties later! [acrylic on A3 canvas. dec 2011]


hello romero’s kitty! [acrylic on A3 canvas. dec 2011]


hello groovy kitty! [acrylic on A3 canvas. dec 2011]

i simply set out to paint 3 horror themed kitties. but as i sketched them onto the canvas, they started to take on their on their own personalities. blue, being that aggressive infected zombietype. green is romero’s modern zombie, all foetid and icky. and obviously pinky is everyones favourite hero, ash, as he prepares to go into the cellar.

dead by dawn!” 

brainzzz or GTFO!!!