a bigger boat

allow me to reveal another of the paintings created for my friends…

it probably wont be obvious from these single posts, but when these canvasses are placed together they make up a larger cross-shaped image. if you glance back over the previous 2, they are on the top, and this one would be situated down below to the left… you see what i mean?

what can i tell you about the new owner of this painting…? well, he is the comrade who went with me to the tattoo parlour when i got my fingers defaced. he goes by the very much deserved nickname of ’party!‘  a man who should need no further introduction, because after all, “there is only one neal martin!”  

a bigger boat” [acrylic on 20x40cm canvas]

this painting is about a joke which me and neal shared over a year ago.  poor nemo wasn’t even involved, he was just in the wrong place at the wrong time. and that swimmer has escaped from somewhere else…

out of these four friends, neal is the only one who i haven’t collaborated on a painting with. i shall have to rectify this soon.