zombie finger leg

and so the saga of the zombie finger tattoo continues…

i love that little design so much, and was gutted that it didn’t last. and it had so much attention online, that when i meet new people [many of which don't believe it was a real tattoo] it’s slightly upsetting when i can’t even show them much proof!

so i decided to get a tattoo of my tattoo!

i sketched this image out – i am particularly fond of how the zombie has eaten all the way through to the fingerbone of it’s victim!

i took the sketch along to adam [who did the original work] and made an appointment on friday the 13th!

a few hours in, and the black and red are done. i am so happy with this, and especially impressed that adam was able to keep the sketchy style of my original drawing plus add to it with ink splatters and such around the edges.

i have to go back in a few weeks to get the piece fully coloured. cannot wait to see how it turns out! :D

btw, this is on the back of my calf, which should give an idea of just how big it is!

check out adam’s flickr account [link], and this is the new studio he’s based in: the tattoo boutique [link]