got red on you…

wow, it’s been 3 weeks since i posted on here…

disappointingly, my creativity has taken somewhat of a dip due to illness and other projects. however i did get a new tattoo last week, so in absence of my own artwork, i shall share that!

i wonder, does a piece like this fall under the heading of  ’collaborative art’?  it was my idea, but it was drawn by dean and tattooed by shannon of the tattoo boutique studio in liverpool. please checkout their tumblr too!

actually, after i explained the idea to dean and he started drawing it out, i made the odd comment such as, ‘a bit larger for the puzzle piece.’  but i realised that i was probably being a bit overbearing and walked away to let him work in peace. when he brought me the finished drawing it was absolutely spot on! there was just the right amount of splatter-to-drip ratio, with an overall asymmetry of design that i’d imagined. i honestly couldn’t have done it better myself!

lesson of the day: trust your tattoo artist!

there are so many potential metaphors wrapped up in this little tattoo – the splatter, jigsaw piece, even the positioning – so i’m not even gonna attempt to explain it in this post! if anyone really wants to know, then that’s a conversation we can have face-to-face..