the dark crystal

henson’s finest..

as ever, the storytelling from the henson studio is outstanding, but i always adored this movie more due to the character and world design by brian found. such vision and inspiration.

so this trio of character mark out my favourite segments in the flic.

passing time in the ur-ru village..

the heartbreaking moment at the films climax – the world is saved, but Jen has lost everything..

and the skeksis during the Haakskeekah ritual..

i’ve made these available as print over on my soc6 page, both individually; ur-ru, gelfling, skeksis, and as the entire set [link]


curiously this piece started life as a canvas which had become marked by paint drying atop of it. i blog about this stuff, post progress shots, and ramble on somewhat over on my facebook page. please drop by and say hi! [hello]


the original canvas is also available for sale. link to the shop here [link], but if interested drop me a message [here] or on facebook and we can chat about it. cheers!