louise lowe imaging

these are a couple of piece i’ve done in the last few weeks…

the one on the left was an attempt to practice painting faces more, but turned into a relatively pleasing piece in its own right. all the faces were referenced from photos taken by by friend Louise Lowe Creative

on the right is a piece based on a photoshoot i attended, also by my photographer friend. she produced an amazing piece called ‘The Tempest’, and I was inspired to create my own version of it based on my experience of the day.

and here are the two versions hung alonside each other at my exhibition in mellomello

having talented and inspirational friends is amazing!

you can check out more of her amazing photography on instagram [link] and facebook [link]


Lu has an indiegogo campaign running at the minute to assist fund an upcoming exhibition of here in liverpool – a photobooth project which spans a fascinating cross-section of people across the city.  i was fortunate enough to be included in this project [here's my portrait [link]]

please check it out, and contribute if you like what you see. [click here]