trying some new things..

following in the vein of ‘the tempest’ piece i wrote about in my last post [link], i’ve wanted to explore a more narrative/storytelling approach with some of my work.

i’ve found the work of chiara bautista [checkout her facebook here] a massive inspiration for this possible direction. so this first sketch and painted version were done with her work in mind..

this attempted style is very new to me, which is why i tried creating it in both digital and painted format — though i don’t feel as though i found my groove with either for this image.

weirdly, one of the issues i felt hindered me on this piece lies in the fact i was attempting to depict my own personal thoughts and feelings about a situation. but this was a private train of thought that i didn’t really want to discuss with my friends/family who follow my art page – so i ended up making using cryptic/symbolic visuals rather than a more direct approach to the subject.

anyway, it was an experiment and useful in itself for a number of reasons; it informed me regarding aesthetic and how willing i am to wear my heart on my sleeve.

the text used in the painting is the start of the phrase, “don’t wish, don’t start. wishing only wounds the heart.” (from Wicked).

this next one is another digital piece…  i’ve titled it “the artefact”, and if i am completely honest it is simply another version of the idea i attempted to illustrate above…

i returned to a more familiar digital style which used in the past. and the male character present is very definitely myself – this would be completely apparent and recognisable to anyone who knows me in real life.

so there’s a little more opening myself up to the world, but at the same time it’s still ambiguous enough that i don’t feel i’m completely spilling my guts to the world at large (or indeed my friends!).

what is incredibly weird though, is how utterly self indulgent it feels to be painting myself – and then showing it off.  i’m really quite shy and introverted, and (hopefully) not particularly prone to narcissistic tendencies.

making these pieces are akin to writing in a diary for me – granted a diary i am waving around allowing anyone to see – but a diary nonetheless. it helps me understand my emotions and deal with the mental struggles i am faced with on a daily basis.

i really dont imagine anyone would actually care what goes on in my life… but i do. so, for the time being i suspect i’ll keep making creating these abstruse reflections of my own life.


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