hardly any stock left…

hey kids! just a wee update on the webshop…

stockwise – there’s currently only 1x left of a few specimens (unicorn, devilgoat, alien, t-rex) and 2x of some others (zombie unicorn & satyr). frankenfoetus is completely sold out.

all specimens are £20 each.

virtually all of my moulds are worn out. I do still have all the original sculpts, but it’ll likely be a good while before I get any of these remoulded and back into production. I fully intend to re-release this testtube baby range in the future (as well as other new specimens I’ve been working on) but projects pile up and workflow gets disrupted so I make no promises about when this might happen! .

anyways. the free worldwide shipping deal is still active: spend £40 or more to qualify. use code “COME TO BUTTHEAD”

and lastly, Im away next month… so the shop will be offline from abt 5th June onwards – so if you want any of these last little critters you better get moving!

much love, chris zombie <3 xx