webshop is closed (for now)


in recent times, when ive been selling the various testtube babies, i havent been replenishing their stock levels.

most of my moulds are now defunkt, so it would take a herculean effort to remould them all, and get a decent amount of each cast, painted, prepped, boxed and everything else that goes along with such intricate little pieces of artwork. all-in-all this means that the testtube baby ranges wont be available to buy again in the immediate future.

i do still have 1 or 2 critters still hanging out here with me, but these last few items aren’t enough stock to justify the shop still being open for ‘business as usual‘ – so for now the webshop is closed.


moving forwards, i have a handful of personal projects im working on at the minute – miniature figures, board game prototypes, workshops, etc.  will share that stuff in due course, or you can check out my instagram [link] for updates.

im also doing a piece of artwork for robert lowe’s Dark Art Tarot project [link] which is currently on kickstarter – im painting the 3 of swords! so please have a look at that and consider pledging your hard earned cash to bring that project to life.


lastly, im away during june helping out at a charity event, so please bare with me if i take a little while to respond to emails.


much love,  chris z
11 june 2017