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beautiful clutter

hidden treasures! so. i was having a poke through sealed boxes and under desks and in the back of cupboards. i imagined that i might have one or two pieces of old stock/bits&bobs which i could put in the webshop. but to my surprise, i found an absolute shitload of stuff! dozens of testtube babies, … continue

hello mello

well, the artwork is on the walls.. yup, me and my two studio buddies have plastered our work all over the walls of mellomello (liverpool,UK) this is the bio that is being used for myself: With tongue firmly in cheek, Chris describes himself as a horrific artist! Chris is a freelancer whose repertoire includes illustration … continue

the girl with x-ray vision

‘The Girl with X-Ray Vision’  [acrylic on 80x30cm deep edge canvas] “if you were born with x-ray vision, you would never feel the need to wear clothes either!”   This canvas needs a home, priced at £225, plus shipping  [UK +£25 / Rest of World +£65] – so please drop me a message via the … continue


‘Jude’ [acrylic/metallic paint/gold leaf on 80x30 deep edge canvas]   This piece is about giving oneself fully to another – blindly giving trust – and being utterly vulnerable to betrayal. There is also a nod towards Klimt’s piece ‘Judith & the Head of Holofernes’, which I used as inspiration towards the quite late in the … continue

hello mello – an exhibition

EXCITING NEWS!! only a few days to go before our resident exhibition in mellomello  (liverpoolUK) is live! this is a joint exhibition featuring myself, and my two other studio buddies who are resident in the art studio above mello. paul burns aka AMBIDEXTER [link] surreal/slapstick canvas based relief sculptures VIRGINIA CHANDLER [link] vibrant & textured … continue

unicorn girl

“i WILL be a unicorn!” this painting is dedicated to all the girls out there who would do absolutely ANYTHING to be a unicorn. you know the type, right? if you’re interested in getting you grubby paws on this horrific piece of art, then checkout the shop page [here] i shall be making prints of … continue