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¡hola comrades!

the shop has (eventually) been updated! there’s now a whole bunch of stuff available to grab in the ol’ webshop. there’s a good selection of testtube babies, severed heads, and also the testtube display racks crafted by my own grarled hands. granted, there is nothing new here that veterans of the site havent seen before … continue

severed heads!

Q. what’s cuter than a teeny tiny unicorn foetus?? A. a teeny tiny unicorn foetus’ severed head! ^^that’s wasn’t a joke, just a bit of factual information for you. well, i say ‘factual’ but infact it is quite subjective.. apparently no everyone thinks dismember unborn children are quite as adorable as i do. weird, huh? … continue

test-tube babies

test-tube babies are now available!! they’re not the kind of babies that’ve been created in a test-tube..  nope, these are little foetus specimens that have been put into test-tubes so they can be displayed as the fabulous and cute curiosities that they are. brilliant! currently, i have 4 types of specimen available: unicorn, t-rex, mermaid, and … continue

monster techno

grrr aaaarg! some friends of mine who run good vibrations magazine [link] were putting on a techno night in liverpool. the idea was that it would be monster-themed to tie in with the cover of the latest issue [which i'll tell you about soon!] there would be burnt-out smouldering wrecks in the club, evacuation tunnels … continue



i’ve been digging around in my pile of old work again, and pulled out this little monster!  it is a story about how literature can inspire us.. “cybersaurus – ancestors”  [2008] this was a 1st year uni project in my animation module.  it could certainly do with a little polish, but given that i’d never done [...]