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bleeding ink

after a long week away from the studio, i was absolutely gagging to pick up a brush and push around some paint. this was the result .. available as a print over on Soc6 [link] more art and shizz on my facebook page [link]. come say ‘Hi!’

left to rot

just finished up with a series of nine paintings… they were a bit of an experiment tbh, as i often have people tell me they’d love one of my paintings but can’t afford them. so this was an attempt to do a bunch of really cheap pieces that all had their own charm. and my … continue


new print available. hurrah! this is a painting i’ve posted and discussed before [link]. however, i’ve decided that it most definitely should be view this way up↑ anyways. you can grab it over on Society6 [link], and as always please come say “hello” over at my facebook page [link]