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join us…

this print coming soon! “Soon all of you will be like me…  and then who will lock you up in a cellar?” progress photos of the original painting on my facebook [link] **UPDATE** print now available on my Society6 page [link]  

death at sea

death & rainbows vii do rainbows happen over the ocean?  …they must. right?! regardless, i was going for a piratey theme on this one.. though it does have more of a leaning towards the aquatic world in general. still uncertain of a title yet. how about,  ”when the rivers run red  …and orange, and yellow, … continue

death & rainbows

continuing the recent theme.. death & rainbows v [acrylic on 80x30cm canvas].. and a close up..   this next one is #6 of the death & rainbows series, titled, dark side of the mind. (yes, the pink floyd reference is quite deliberate!) another angle.. and a close up…   progress photos and other work in this … continue


“We have to see, we have to know…” sometime i carry around ideas in you head for years before i have a chance (or the inclination) to put pen to paper and turn it into something more substantial. this was one such project.. i’ve always love the look of dr.channard after he is turned into … continue

raising hell

more hellraisers.. i had initially painted this face off pair, featuring skinless julia and chatterer.. however, the person who was taking them asked if i would be able to do another couple in the same style – but with the puzzle box at the centre, so the faces could all be focussed on it. this … continue

pan’s labyrinth

definitely my favourite movie by del toro the narrative and aesthetic work so wonderfully together in this beautiful film. the character design is so iconic too – the faun and pale man are both exceptional (and they’re also played by the same actor, doug jones) so when i decided these character – i wanted to … continue


one, two, freddy’s coming for you… continuing with the theme of horror icons, i did a couple of version of that bad ol’ man, freddy krueger. neither show the full character, but are still completely identifiable with the small sections that are on display progress shots of these painting on my fabeook [link]    

the chatterer

“Its features were so heavily scarified–the wounds nurtured until they ballooned– that its eyes were invisible and its words corrupted by the disfigurement of its mouth.”  i painted another version of the chatterer for my friend joel who runs WORM FOOD studios [link] as he absolutely loves the character.. this is a shot he sent … continue