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the hellbound lovers

“It wanted souls, and I brought it you.” the previous paintings featuring the four cenobites went to the home of a collector in the UK. when they arrived he asked if i would do another couple of pieces in the same style, but this time featuring julia and dr.channard from the second film, hellbound. because … continue

spinal flow

this painting changed things… i’ve always used traditionally macabre subject matter (such as skulls, cadavers, monsters) in my work. but this was the first time i’d deliberately combined it with an intense vibrancy of colour. there were a few facets to this piece as it developed; it was painted on a canvas that i’d previously … continue

zombie dogs

pet portraits have never been my thing. until now… a lady from the states asked me if i could do a portrait of her three dogs, after they’d been struck by the zombie plague. naturally i said yes. this is what the dogs looked like before Z-day… and this is how they looked afterwards.. you … continue

mayor of halloweentown

any NBX fans in the house?? i have to admit i’m not really a fan myself. i love the aesthetic but my god – i just hate musicals! so when i said i’d do a canvas based on the mayor’s character it was quite a challenge.. however, i think i nailed him personality pretty well … continue

hedgehog versus snail

this is a close-up of a painting i did last year after witnessing an epic battle… [acrylic on canvas - this section is only about an inch high!] it features harry (a tiny rescue hedgehog) chomping through the shell of an unfortunate snail who was in the wrong place at the wrong time… as soon [...]

one year later

right at the start of this blog, i began a series of paintings. they were initially intended as an elaborate ‘to do‘ list, to make me more productive. but this very quickly became more of a dairy. used to record events and track my fluctuating mental states on a daily basis [i do have every [...]