please allow me to introduce specimen HJres43: aborto trump.

this foetal anomaly is proof that some things should not be allowed to live….


i wrote a blog post about the origins/ideas behind this specimen. rather than repeating myself too much, if you are interested – you can read it  [here]

however, i will restate that this art project is in protest of H.J. resolution43, which removed funding from planned parenthood clinics in the US. [info]

because of this, i will be donating money to planned parenthood for every one of these foetus specimens that are sold. simples!


to buy the foetus on its own costs £20.
each foetus sold will generate $5USD (approx £3.90) for planned parenthood

i will be donating money specifically to the Iowa branch, as they seem to have been worst hit by changes in government policy in recent times.


so. if you order an aborto-trump, this is what you’ll receive:

  • 1x hand-prepared ‘aborto trump’ foetus specimen
  • 1x 150mm long glass test tube, with cork bung
  • 1x wire testtube holder
  • 1x adoption certificate – signed, numbered & dated

i have prepared all specimens personally, with much love. [though this has been a difficult process given that ive had to looked at el presidente's face for sooo many long hours whilst creating this little fellow.]

while i try and ensure your specimen looks like the one pictured, it is inevitable that some variations will occur as these are handcrafted items.

we previously offered a bundle which included the trump pin shown in pictures, but we have no more pins remaining.
the pin ‘GOD HELP AMERICA’ was designed by a fantastic artist friend: MikeysArtBiz.  please take a moment to check out his website where he has other brilliant pins available as well as some amazing prints too. [WEBSITE]

i have sent around 25 of these little guys out into the world so far. they are not a limited release – i will make more if people want them. however, they will only be available as long as trump is in office. when that fascist is gone, the mould will be destroyed. i’ll announce how many of these pieces have been created at that point!

EDIT: thanks to the generosity of so many awesome people buying this hideous little effigy – and also for considerable donations from @MikeysArtBiz – we have been able to support a cause that Trump is wholeheartedly against.

as of 31st Jan 2018, we have donated $257.38 to Planned Parenthood in Iowa (see attached photos).  thank you, you brilliant motherfuckers!


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“shipping for this item outside of the UK is really expensive!”
i know, i know. and i’m truly sorry about that. however my shipping is for a tracked/signed service – that is why it is the price it is. ive used basic shipping options in the past and have encountered too many problems to continue using untracked options.  i also do my best to keep the price of my work low and affordable too.

the shipping cost is a single fee, which you pay regardless of whether you order 1 item or multiple items. consequently it much more financially sensible to buy more things! so why not buy a couple of these little guys? and dont forget, as i’ll donate $5 bucks to planned parenthood for EVERY one that is purchased!


uk                      + £5
rest of world   + £10

these shipping prices are a flat fee charged per order – so buying multiple items will not cost you any extra in delivery – you only pay the shipping charge once per order.

all items are sent tracked, and where possible will also require a signature upon delivery too.
we will email you the tracking details once your parcel is shipped.

uk shipping is usually  2/3 working days.
everywhere else is usually 7-10 working days, though can be up to 28 due to customs delays and suchlike.
if there is problem with your order when it arrives, please get in touch here [link]


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