just because dinosaurs went extinct 65 million years ago does not mean that you can’t own your own baby t-rex!

this is our largest specimen to date – cleary this brute was gonna grow up to be one bad motherfucker. but sadly, it never managed to hatch from it’s egg to make its own way in the world…  this is where you come in!  can you offer this mean ol’  cutie a home?

commonly these t-rex specimens have green skin colour, varying in shade from drab olive to a vibrant green. a small handful have a reddish skin tone, and on occasion we come across a more peculiar colouring, but so far none of the specimens have had feathers (after all that would just be ludicrous – what wild imaginations scientists have these days!).

if you order a test-tube baby t-rex,  this is what you’ll receive:

  • 1 x hand-prepared t-rex foetus specimen
  • lab specimen report  adoption certificate
  • 150mm long glass test tube, with cork bung
  • packing crate

i have prepared all specimens personally, with much love.

while i try and ensure your specimen looks like the one pictured, it is inevitable variations will occur in colour. we currently only have green dions available – similar in colour to the main photo on this page.

the adoption certificates are filled-in when the order is received, so you can choose the name of your neverborn baby. (if this isn’t specified, then i’ll pick a name for the critter before sending it to you.) or if you wish the adoption paperwork to match a specific date (such as a birthday) then we can arrange that too.


DISCLAIMER: only extinct creatures are harmed to bring you this product.

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