About Zombieking

Hello traveller,
I hope you are well? Allow me to introduce myself:

My name is Chris Zombieking, and this is my stupid face…

Across the millennia, I have designed a few t-shirts, created thousands of zombies and watched an awful lot of paint dry.

In 2015 my curiosity for curiosities saw me launch into the nefarious business world of corpse relocation – specialising in foetal specimens.

I currently offer a fair range of cryptozoological specimens – some of these species are now extinct, others mythological, and a few are completely fictitious!

Taking a distanced view of my art over the years, I delight in visualising death. Not in a morbid way – I see a true vibrancy and vitality within ‘dead things’. In this vein, the cyclic nature of rebirth is a reoccurring theme in my work; the foetus being a regular artefact in this depiction.

I enjoy building narrative around my artwork too… whether it be finding layers of depth within portraiture, or dabbling with transmedia storytelling to construct worlds in which multiple pieces of art can coexist.


I cannot write a bio, without mentioning my zombie fingers; a few years ago I got a tattoo…

A friend of mine uploaded a gif of it to her tumblr, and within a hours I was able to leap to my feet, throw my arms in the air, and say, “Hurrah! I’m famous on the internet!!”

Anyways.That’s probably enough info divulged for now.

If you feel the need to know anything else then get in touch here [link]. Alternatively you could also say hello on instagram  [hello!] or on facebook [link].  You can also find a bunch of my art at society6 page [here]


Chris Zombieking
[6 april 2015]