HORROR DOUBLEBILL on Friday the 13th

So i’m hosting a film night this Friday the 13th in Liverpool!

Naturally, we’ll be screening a F13 flick, FRIDAY THE 13th PART VI: JASON LIVES! [1986]

This’ll be followed by one of the most interesting movies from the slasher-genre in the last 20 years – BEHIND THE MASK: THE RISE OF LESLIE VERNON [2006]


Tickets are £6.00 each
Physical tickets available from  Level Up (1st floor, 69 Victoria St., Liverpool)

Digital booking via Eventbrite (+96p booking fee applies)


First we have episode six in the Friday the 13th franchise: Jason Lives! This is the film where Jason is ressurrected from beyond the grave as an unstoppable supernatural entity. It’s a very 80s movie – a horror romp in which lots of teenagers die, accompanied by a heavy rock soundtrack featuring Alice Cooper. \m/,

Behind The Mask: The Rise of Leslie Vernon is up second. It’s a self aware genre-bending slasher movie presented as a documentary. We follow the lead character, Leslie Vernon, as he trains to become the archetypal Slasher seeking vengeance for wrongs he feels were done to him in his childhood. This really is a movie full of great ideas. It understands all of the tropes that make a slasher film work so well and puts them into a narrative for us to appreciate – and also reflect on every slasher movie that has come before.


7pm – Doors open .

7.30pm – F13:Jason Lives!
Film begins at 7.30 sharp. No adverts, no trailers.

9pm – F13 ends. We will have a short comfort break.

We will have a brief chat about possible future events and let you know about other horror-related happenings in Liverpool in the coming weeks.

9.30pm – BTM: The Rise of Leslie Vernon
Film begins at 9.30 sharp. No adverts, no trailers.

11pm – BTM ends.

11.15pm – Venue closes.


Booking via eventbrite is a digital booking – you will not receive a physical ticket. (But if you are a collector of such things, dont worry, as you will receive a proper ticket one when you arrive at the venue as a keepsake!

Physical tickets available from the LevelUp comicbook store for £6 (no booking fee) They’re located on 1st floor, 69 Victoria St.

We are screening these movies at the Liverpool Community Cinema (formerly Small Cinema). It’s an intimate venue of only 56 seats – seating is unreserved, so get there early for a good spot!  The venue also has a bar attached, so we can all have a drink together afterwards and argue the finer points of genre film!  ;)


Any questions, just give me a shout [link]
Thanks, Chris! :) x