HORRIFIC XMAS MARKET! sat 16th dec, liverpool uk

Check out this gorgeous poster to announce that Liverpool Horror Club are hosting our first ever HORRIFIC CHRISTMAS MARKET! This alternative xmas fair is being held on SAT 16th DECEMBER at DISTRICT (61 Jordan St. Baltic Triangle, Liverpool, UK) Rest assured that you’ll not find any of the usual chrimbo tatt here that you get at conventional … continue

return of the living dead

Horror fiends of Liverpool, I am really excited to announce that we’re going to be showing the classic 80s zombie movie: Return of the Living Dead! the ever incredible Uncle Frank Productions [link] is responsible for our crazy brilliant poster artwork! Not only are we showing the movie – but we’ll have the writer behind … continue


..the fuck is a pumpkinpenis? one of my favourite things about running my own webstore is that i can choose ridiculous names for my discounts codes and nobody can tell me to stahp! so, this is a halloweeny deal which lasts until 1st november – to get 25% off your order in thezombieking.co.uk shop, all you … continue

HORROR DOUBLEBILL on Friday the 13th

So i’m hosting a film night this Friday the 13th in Liverpool! Naturally, we’ll be screening a F13 flick, FRIDAY THE 13th PART VI: JASON LIVES! [1986] This’ll be followed by one of the most interesting movies from the slasher-genre in the last 20 years – BEHIND THE MASK: THE RISE OF LESLIE VERNON [2006] … continue

i’ve done a trump!

i want to talk about something… sometimes we look out into the world and see something horrible unfolding.. i’m talking about the shift to the right wing – both here in britain with the brexit vote, and over in the states with the trump movement. i wanted to speak up, maybe even do some art.. … continue

liverpool makefest 2017

Liverpool friends.. MAKEFEST 2017 is happening on saturday 24th june at the Liverpool Central Library Free entry to this friendly one day festival celebrating all things ‘makey’. There are 200+ Makers showcasing science, technology, crafts, creations, inventions and gadgets. There will be hands-on activities, ranging from coding to crafts! It’s the the north-west’s biggest Maker … continue

webshop is closed (for now)

hola! in recent times, when ive been selling the various testtube babies, i havent been replenishing their stock levels. most of my moulds are now defunkt, so it would take a herculean effort to remould them all, and get a decent amount of each cast, painted, prepped, boxed and everything else that goes along with … continue

hardly any stock left…

hey kids! just a wee update on the webshop… stockwise – there’s currently only 1x left of a few specimens (unicorn, devilgoat, alien, t-rex) and 2x of some others (zombie unicorn & satyr). frankenfoetus is completely sold out. all specimens are £20 each. virtually all of my moulds are worn out. I do still have … continue

¡hola comrades!

the shop has (eventually) been updated! there’s now a whole bunch of stuff available to grab in the ol’ webshop. there’s a good selection of testtube babies, severed heads, and also the testtube display racks crafted by my own grarled hands. granted, there is nothing new here that veterans of the site havent seen before … continue