you’ve got red on you

5th august 2011, that was the day when the zombies walked amongst us…

[zombies l-r: matt groves, natalie levey]

ive tried and failed to get to a zombie walk for years, but a few days in liverpool it came to pass. and im happy to say i was  fully armed for the occasion – with a camera. i got a couple of hundred photos and i was even happy with a good 50+ which isnt too bad!

[zombies l-r: natalie levey, janine grafflin, matt groves]

these photos would suggest it was quite a small apocalypse, but infact there were around 70 of the undead at this gathering! however, i failed to get any good pics of the horde en masse. even though i took a bunch of photos that i was happy with, these  3 images in this post are probably my favourites.

not only are they decent shots, the images also have so much narrative in them. but i’d say the credit must first and foremost go to the fab models used - my lovely friends  janine, matt, and natalie. thank you folks <3

[zombie daydreamer: natalie levey]

brainzzz or GTFO!