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HORRIFIC XMAS MARKET! sat 16th dec, liverpool uk

Check out this gorgeous poster to announce that Liverpool Horror Club are hosting our first ever HORRIFIC CHRISTMAS MARKET! This alternative xmas fair is being held on SAT 16th DECEMBER at DISTRICT (61 Jordan St. Baltic Triangle, Liverpool, UK) Rest assured that you’ll not find any of the usual chrimbo tatt here that you get at conventional … continue

webshop is closed (for now)

hola! in recent times, when ive been selling the various testtube babies, i havent been replenishing their stock levels. most of my moulds are now defunkt, so it would take a herculean effort to remould them all, and get a decent amount of each cast, painted, prepped, boxed and everything else that goes along with … continue

¡hola comrades!

the shop has (eventually) been updated! there’s now a whole bunch of stuff available to grab in the ol’ webshop. there’s a good selection of testtube babies, severed heads, and also the testtube display racks crafted by my own grarled hands. granted, there is nothing new here that veterans of the site havent seen before … continue


RE: our ethical policy i see a lot of my lovely friends who use the ‪#‎vultureculture‬ hashtag having to explain that they’re not actually murderous unethical scoundrels. i wish i could say the same about myself, but i have to be completely honest here: none of my specimens are obtained through official channels. i trade heavily … continue

forked tongue

a recently finished piece… ‘forked tongue’ [acrylic on 80x30cm canvas] the original canvas is up for grabs at £125,  plus shipping [UK +£25 / Rest of World +£65]. if you’re interested drop me a message via the contact page [link] and there are prints available over at my society6 page [here]  

spinal hues

death & rainbows iv this is another spinal painting, featuring the spectrum of chakra colours..   ‘spinal hues‘  [acrylic on 30x80cm canvas] one of my favourite aspects to this painting is not apparent from the above photos – i absolutely adore the way the paint runs and drips down the side of the canvas. so … continue

error 404!?

is this not what you were looking for? we’ve just transferred my old blog ‘brainzzz or gtfo‘ over to this new site – so hopefully any searches that come up with the previous url should be redirected to their equivalent on this site. however, there a few changes in format on this site which inevitably … continue

temporary shop

the shop on this site is not yet operational… however, we have a temporary shop set up over at bigcartel. hurrah! so, if you want to get your mits on the t-shirts, then you’ll have to take a wander over in that direction. [link] EDIT: you can ignore all that info up above, as our shop … continue

zombieking HQ

we are in the midst of a witness website relocation programme… as a result our new home [this very site -] is currently a little sparse of content. plus some sections aren’t exactly working – although i’m confident everything will be fully operational very soon. but functionality aside, what do you reckon to the new … continue

free stuff!

does anyone want a chance to win one of my new t-shirts? i have a fresh delivery of each of these lovely three designs arriving in the next week or so. they’re gonna be available in boys & girls shaped tees, in sizes S/M/L/XL. when the delivery arrives i’ll pick a one of you guys at [...]