“who are you?”

this is the next one of my character portraits from alice…


the least successful aspect of this photo?   if you didnt know this image was part of an alice-theme, you probably wouldn’t make that connection yourself - and therefore not even identify the character. certainly, all the scene elements are there… the caterpillar, smoking [although not a hookah], the mushroom, and the phone does add a referece regarding scale – as alice is tiny at this point in the tale!  ah if only i’d been able to find a blue caterpillar in the garden!

about the mushroom: in the story, the bug is sat atop the mushroom - the way ive set this up was an attempt to incorporate a juxtaposition between nature and the modern digital world.  if i was being arty, i would explain this as commentary on the way we change and modify the world with technology. i may also go on to suggest that the ciggie butts represtent the disrespectful attitude we have towards nature too. but lets not go there, eh?  those kinda artists are so annoying

i have been looking at magritte’s paintings quite a bit lately, so the whole ‘c’est nes pas un shroom’-thing kinda drifted into my head too. AND if there is a mushroom that the modern world has an affinity for, it is that one!  …and cos the caterpillar is on top of it, you could say, there’s one person up there. one up  …1up  ;)  

disclaimer: no bugs were harmed during this shoot. ive never worked with insects before [probably cos i hate the critters], but this fella was quite a good model. he didnt go wandering too far off his mark, and the only time i questioned his professionalism towards his work was when he took a poo on my phone!