zombie cupcakes: eat them before they eat you

my housemate becky, was baking rainbow cupcakes a while ago. [im not sure if thats the right term, but there was lots of colours in the cake mix. you follow?]  when they came out the oven, the tops were mostly browned – so i peeled the paper casing off the side of one to have a look at all the colours. it was then i realised that it wasnt an ordinary cupcake, but a monster…  raaaaawr!!!

ok, so maybe its not zombie, but its definitely a monster.  and any creature birthed in our household is a zombie by default. and i mean, how much experience have you had with zombie cupcakes, eh?

well, just to make sure you dont feel cheated – here is a sketch i did for becky whilst i was on the bus..

“zombie cupcakes” [markers in sketchbook. april 2011]

about the chef: my housemate becky stevens is pretty fab. she has lots of tattoos, she bakes fantastic buns, and she also loves all-things-zombie as much as me! however, becky is away for the summer and needs to get back here now <3

brainzzzz or GTFO!!!