oh, the places you’ll go

mostly i’ve managed to keep this blog for my sketches and artystuffs. but recently i haven’t managed to be very creative..

i’ve been incredibly busy, what with finishing projects, starting new ventures, and making connections that will be amazing for the future. but without the creative output that i can show and share, i feel terribly drained.

normally music sees me through these times, but even that is a crumbling support at the moment. so instead i look to the written words for solace – crafted in this instance by that wisest of sages – dr. seuss

oh, what amazing wordplay! and so many beautiful and cool people (although, i think a few of them know just how cool they are!).

i adore the ebb and flow of this story too.. how the brilliant highs that can be experienced are indeed great, but the lows are very much present too – we go through them and eventually get through them. for me, the poem is the tale of life’s arduous but distracting journey.


a quote to leave you with:

‎”i will love the light for it shows me the way, yet i will endure the darkness for it shows me the stars” 

- og mandino