kitty in the water

if you dislike boobs, please avert your eyes now!

meet my friend, kitty. though she is better known online by the moniker, crumpled foreskin!

the photo is from a mermaid-themed shoot she did last year for paul fessey photography. i thought it was rather lovely image and wanted to try to do a painting of it at somepoint.

please note that all copyright of this photograph belongs to ‘paul fessey photography’i am simply reposting the image to show my source of inspiration. you can check out more of his excellent work on flickr [link]


well, i never managed to break out the paints, but i did make a start on a digital sketch…

although this is still very much a work-in-progress, i’m reasonably pleased with it so far.

i haven’t made any real effort to work on a likeness yet so it really doesn’t look much like kitty. but hopefully i’ll get working on it again soon, and post the finished results.