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please stand by

hello folks, i’m currently displaced from home and studio due to a family situation… there’s nothing tragic or dramatic happening, however it does mean i have no access to my stock – which in turn means that i am currently unable to fulfil orders. fingers crossed this will all be sorted out in the not … continue

the lady britannia

a close-up from a sketch i was working on recently… this design features britannia, who is the traditional female personification of the british isles. the lady britannia will stand proudly with her trident, shield, and lions. however, the eventual title of the piece will be ‘this empire burns’ – so the broader view will reveal her [...]

back in the studio

oh dear! it’s been 3 months since i posted any drawings on here.. i’ve been seriously busy finishing my degree, then moving house – but importantly i have now set myself up in business as a freelance artist!  so i’ve been in the studio all week drawing, except for one day where i met a [...]

babies on the brain

this is more of a progress report from my other blog! i’ve been drawing up a carnival style poster idea for my brainchild project [link]. and while this is certainly not finished, i do kinda like it.. _