popcorn horror

have you checked out the popcorn horror channel?

there’s stacks of stuff on their site – horror news, reviews, competitions, and more. but most interesting for me is the collection of horror shorts all gathered up into one place.

i have always love the short as a medium. mainly cos i have sat through so many boring-to-mediocre horrors flics full of gore and stereotype. ┬árarely does the idea and pacing hold up for 90 minutes. but if they’d been limited to 10minutes of footage, then all of the excess crap and filler would have been ditched and efforts focused on the core storytelling.

give me 10 minutes of tight punchy script and editing everytime. anyways, checkout a whole ton of shorts here [link]

another reason i bring popcorn horror to your attention, is because they’ve just done a little feature on me and my artwork! you can check it out here [link]

you can also find them on facebook! [here]