i guess i should wish y’all a slightly belated happy new year!

well, how are you? life here’s getting back to normal after the hols – i’m back in the studio painting everyday which is ace. obviously if you follow my page on facebook you’d know this …i trust that is the case?

and if you do follow the page, then you’d know all about the painting i’m currently working on [y'know the one with the man-eating vagina, severed penises, and a few dead babies!]. it’s almost finished so i’ll be posting pics here soon, but in the meantime head over to facebook [link] to keep up to date with shenanigans.

also happening in the studio is a few paintings making a nuisance of themselves, demanding that they be adopted by somebody from the internet who has excellent taste. might they be talking about YOU?!

you’ll find all of these original pieces in the shop [here]. so if you’re interested in some loveliness to decorate your abode, then drop me a message and we can figure it out. prints of these designs are also available at my society6 page [link]

AND, t-shirts are currently unavailable to buy in the shop as i only have a small handful of each design left. i’ll be putting them back on sale in the next couple of days at reduced rates to clear through the remaining stock!

ramble over.
Chris Z