time to go…

it’s much too early, but it’s time to go..


they say, “it’s full of stars”


this series of drawings are incredibly self-reflective – they’re coming about during a period of mental turmoil when my own perspective of all things is undergoing a significant change. i feel as though they’re all little epiphanies, and by creating the drawing i’m solidifying it as a ¬†personal commandment.

but there  is also an element of narrative storytelling, and an attempt to learn/develop a new artistic style. so while the character in the images is undoubtedly myself, in the images he is setting off on his own journey of self-discovery. i have no plan where this is going, but i suspect that his discoveries and my own real world encounters will be something of a mirror, and each potentially provide momentum and inspiration for the other.

i guess, over time, we shall see where this is all leading..