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time to go…

‘ it’s much too early, but it’s time to go.. ‘   ‘ they say, “it’s full of stars” ‘   this series of drawings are incredibly self-reflective – they’re coming about during a period of mental turmoil when my own perspective of all things is undergoing a significant change. i feel as though they’re … continue


to continue the story… this one is titled, ‘ikhemu-sek’, which is a term used by the ancient Egyptians – it means ‘the ones not knowing destruction’. it refers to the northern circumpolar stars, as from their perspective these stars never visibly set below a horizon – they were eternal. the image is filled with an awful lot … continue


trying some new things.. following in the vein of ‘the tempest’ piece i wrote about in my last post [link], i’ve wanted to explore a more narrative/storytelling approach with some of my work. i’ve found the work of chiara bautista [checkout her facebook here] a massive inspiration for this possible direction. so this first sketch … continue

spitting teeth

you ever had that dream when all your teeth fall out…? yep, me too [acylic on A3 canvas] bit of a self portrait this one. not that i’ve been having this dream of late, but certainly had the feelings that are traditionally associated with it’s meaning. anyways. it’s available as a print over on my … continue

bleeding ink

after a long week away from the studio, i was absolutely gagging to pick up a brush and push around some paint. this was the result .. available as a print over on Soc6 [link] more art and shizz on my facebook page [link]. come say ‘Hi!’