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nicolas cage

i have this friend… and he has a plan to turn everyone on his facebook friends list into nicolas cage. checkout his tumblr [link] i warned him that i was going to un-friend him so i didn’t befall this horrific fate. so, instead of nicolas cage-ing my face, he has nicolas cage’d my zombie finger … continue

finger hostage tattoo

“anyone move and the finger gets it!” i get quite a few hits on my blog from people looking for the rather fantastic tattoo shown above. it is by a liverpool based artist known as Adam G. this is not my tattoo, but i have posted it before – as it was adam who inked [...]

got red on you…

wow, it’s been 3 weeks since i posted on here… disappointingly, my creativity has taken somewhat of a dip due to illness and other projects. however i did get a new tattoo last week, so in absence of my own artwork, i shall share that! i wonder, does a piece like this fall under the heading [...]