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after the end of the world

22nd December 2012 “Dear diary,  People say that the world didn’t come to an end yesterday. But, after midnight, things altered. A malevolent evil rose up in every place that Man called civilised. An abyssal militia came forth, slaughtering all they found. I waded through the lakes of viscera left in their wake, and knew it was [...]


ever see those national geographic photos? the ones where this one lone polar bear has been stranded on a tiny fragment of ice, adrift in the middle of the arctic ocean. the frozen chunk is hardly big enough to accommodate it. and to make matters worse, the platform is melting too. but the sea is [...]

cover illustration for my story

plasterboard falls

last week i connected with a novelist called jw manus [please check out their blog]. typically, it was the tag ‘zombie’ which led me to jaye’s blog – but i found myself staying to read the posts regarding the differences between standard press versus self publication. i dabbled with creative writing a good many years [...]