making babies

last night i made a baby!

[foetus - sculpey. 6  july 2011]

sculpey has just become my new favourite thing! i bought 2 blocks a few weeks back, but last night was the first chance id had to use it. i havent sculpted anything for ages, but it felt very natural to be doing it again… [ i must sculpt more].

i knocked together a little foetus, only using abt 1/4 of a 2oz block. then baked it for 15mins. once cooled, it was pretty solid, but still soft enough to carve into with a dull blade. so i can refine/polish the anatomy and surface detail.

i came across sculpey while looking at jason freeny’s work. and tbh, all i know of the material are based on his photographs and sculptural process. i have yet to see if i can rebake it to harden it further. i also dont know if i can add new clay to it, i suspect new layers wont stick unless anchored well. and while it is sturdy, im unsure how robust a tall figure would be – its probable a wireframe base will be required.

i have loads on my plate already, and this is just one more distraction to add to the list of things interfering with the completion of my uni work! lol