it’s upside down…

sometimes paintings are planned – sometimes they just occur. this one falls into the second category.

it just began as colour and marks on the canvas.. and didnt really evolve into anything more than abstract shapes and patterns to be honest.  the canvas was regularly turned, and as soon as images started to refine themselves [a heart, spilled pomegranate seeds,  a 'my little pony' foetus!], then i would try to change it again to avoid definition.

however, this has left me with the problem that i cant decide what it is. you can the rotate painting and it still has meaning. it’s easier explained if i show you. most of the time it is hung like this…

turmoil” [acrylic & markers on A3 canvas. 3rd feb 2011]

people comment that they can see, “a heart, with crashing waves inside of it.”

the more astute/open-minded may even see, “a figure, on it’s knees, bearing the burden of a volatile heart.”

but to all of them i say,

“no. it’s upside down. look again…”

abortion” [acrylic & markers on A3 canvas]

can you see it?

the foetus

the scalpel-like fingers

the figure clutching it’s head, screaming


artistic interpretation, eh?

so. i haven’t been able to put my signature to this painting yet, as that will determine the orientation of how to hang this piece. and i’m not sure i will ever be able to decide what works best.

currently, this is my favourite interpretation…

laser shark attack” [acrylic & markers on A3 canvas]