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trying some new things.. following in the vein of ‘the tempest’ piece i wrote about in my last post [link], i’ve wanted to explore a more narrative/storytelling approach with some of my work. i’ve found the work of chiara bautista [checkout her facebook here] a massive inspiration for this possible direction. so this first sketch … continue

the girl with x-ray vision

‘The Girl with X-Ray Vision’  [acrylic on 80x30cm deep edge canvas] “if you were born with x-ray vision, you would never feel the need to wear clothes either!”   This canvas needs a home, priced at £225, plus shipping  [UK +£25 / Rest of World +£65] – so please drop me a message via the … continue


‘Jude’ [acrylic/metallic paint/gold leaf on 80x30 deep edge canvas]   This piece is about giving oneself fully to another – blindly giving trust – and being utterly vulnerable to betrayal. There is also a nod towards Klimt’s piece ‘Judith & the Head of Holofernes’, which I used as inspiration towards the quite late in the … continue

hello mello – an exhibition

EXCITING NEWS!! only a few days to go before our resident exhibition in mellomello  (liverpoolUK) is live! this is a joint exhibition featuring myself, and my two other studio buddies who are resident in the art studio above mello. paul burns aka AMBIDEXTER [link] surreal/slapstick canvas based relief sculptures VIRGINIA CHANDLER [link] vibrant & textured … continue


recently, i’ve been doing a few pieces that are a bit more figurative in nature. but because they aren’t in the vein of the work i usually sell or upload to society6, they’ve been absent from this blog. so, in an attempt to rectify that…  ta-dah! all of these on 80x30cm canvas, done in acrylic (even … continue

the dark crystal

henson’s finest.. as ever, the storytelling from the henson studio is outstanding, but i always adored this movie more due to the character and world design by brian found. such vision and inspiration. so this trio of character mark out my favourite segments in the flic. passing time in the ur-ru village.. the heartbreaking moment … continue

spitting teeth

you ever had that dream when all your teeth fall out…? yep, me too [acylic on A3 canvas] bit of a self portrait this one. not that i’ve been having this dream of late, but certainly had the feelings that are traditionally associated with it’s meaning. anyways. it’s available as a print over on my … continue


a portrait.. [acrylic on A3 canvas] i did this piece back in august, but only getting round to uploading it now. it was based on an amazing image of bjork by photographer juergen teller [link] – i’ve made prints of this painting available as a print via my soc6 page [link]