monster techno

grrr aaaarg!

some friends of mine who run good vibrations magazine [link] were putting on a techno night in liverpool. the idea was that it would be monster-themed to tie in with the cover of the latest issue [which i'll tell you about soon!]

there would be burnt-out smouldering wrecks in the club, evacuation tunnels linking areas, old B&W godzilla movies projected against the walls, and they drafted me in to help decorate the DJ booth.

they simply asked for teeth  at the top and bottom of the booth’s window. but we ended up going for this…

it’s pretty big – the chair should give you an idea of the scale!

here are a couple of photos of how it looked during the night. this first one is stolen from one of the DJs - sneakbeats [link]

and this one shot (which is stolen from good vibrations mag [link]), shows the view from INSIDE the DJ booth! turned out pretty cool eh.

if you’re interested you can even checkout the live set from sneakbeats [link]