hashtag gorgon selfharm selfie

A creature of mythical legend in a contemporary situation…


‘hashtag gorgon selfharm selfie’
[acrylic on 80x30cm canvas]

‘All who set eyes upon this girl will die.’

One can imagine that this fact would not be conducive to high self-esteem.  I use this idea at first in a playful manner to suggest how she may exploit modern technology – to connect with those she cannot physically be around.

The selfie of the painting is also a mirror to existing culture, in which implied meaning is far more serious. In our modern world, there are so many troubled youths who feel so ostracised from society that they use their online connection to express their pain, through acts of self-harm.

i dont usually like to explain what my paintings are about – but this one is very different – this stuff needs to be talked about.

self-harm, and so many other mental health related issues are ignored or stigmatised. and that is never going to help. if you know people who are hurting – help them. please.


this painting needs to be adopted. get in touch via the contact page of you’re interested [link]. and prints are available over here [link]