hello mello

well, the artwork is on the walls..

yup, me and my two studio buddies have plastered our work all over the walls of mellomello (liverpool,UK)

this is the bio that is being used for myself:

With tongue firmly in cheek, Chris describes himself as a horrific artist! Chris is a freelancer whose repertoire includes illustration for t-shirt & posters and horror make-up FX, although in the last year he has mostly focused his time on painting. 
Most of my subject matter is very dark in nature, often crossing into the horror genre with skulls, gore, and many dead things. But I endeavour to avoid cliché through utilising vibrant colours, or by attempting to make any content work on a deeper level than purely shock value.” 
Online, he has found a niche audience for his artwork and has buyers worldwide – but this is his first exhibit in a public space. 
It is a terribly daunting prospect to have a new audience but it is fantastically exciting too - especially given the location. This building has been home to my studio for 2 years now, and the supportive network here has been essential for me to both develop as an artist and operate as a freelancer. Mello truly has changed my life!”

there is a pretty even balance of work from all members of the studio, and while we all work completely differently it is so lovely to see how all the pieces work so well together – a definite reflection on how we’ve each influenced on another across the last year.

please check out the other guys too:



not everything made the cut however – and there were a couple of pieces that we took the decision not to show; as during the day mellomello operates as a vegetarian restaurant/café with a vast range of clientèle (including families with children) so we felt a couple of my paintings with extreme themes were  just a bit too much. but if you happen to be local, give me a shout and you can have a private viewing of this and this which are still in the studio

and, that’s not to say that we censored everything – indeed, management decided to post a disclaimer on the entrance due to a few pieces which did get hung!  i’m happy to say this feels like a milestone has been reached

so, if you happen to be local to liverpool then please drop in to check out the artwork. also, my studio is in the same building, so give me a heads up that you’re coming down and we can share a cuppa and  a chat!

the exhibition continues until 30 june, and mello is open most days from 10am-late