dario’s daughter

just rewatched land of the dead for the first time since it came out. i’d forgotten how completely awful it was. however,  i was reminded of the one thing i did enjoy about the film – asia argento!

“dario’s daughter”  [p/shop, wacom. 8 jan 2009]

i first came across her, in an interview for bizarre magazine. it was a promo piece for the film adaptation of jt leroys novel, ‘the heart is deceitful above all things’, which argento directed and starred in. i must admit, i was quite taken by her..

on the strength of this article, i bought the novel. on the strength of the novel i watched the film. typically the movie did not do justice to the book. i would be curious to view them again with fresh eyes, but both the book and DVD were long since loaned out never to be returned.  [i hate how many possessions i must have lost by folk not returning them!]

anyway, the above portrait of asia argento, was based on one of the publicity photos from the bizarre interview i mentioned. im not convinced the likeness is 100%, but im still very happy with how the overall image turned out.