the evolution of a zombie finger

am the proud owner of a new tattoo..


zombie finger attack!” [inked by adam griffiths ]

they say every tattoo has a story, and this one is no exception..

about a year ago, at a party, a friend from northern ireland asked me, “have you ever seen a finger taken hostage?” oddly enough,  i hadn’t. so he got a pen and spent the next few minutes drawing something on his fingers, he was giggling to himself the entire time.

he then crossed his fingers, and said “ta-dah!”

it was indeed a finger that had been taken hostage. i laughed. it was clever, and i hadnt seen it before.

then a couple of months ago, early june i saw something very similar in theme…  but this time it was a zombie attacking a person. an amazing new take on this idea!

chances are you’ve seen it – as it’s been tumblr’d and tweeted so hard it was almost impossible to track it’s origin down. however, my good ol’ zombie persistence prevailed and i discovered it’s roots in deviant art..

“om nom nom”  by alephunky

it was so brilliant, i couldnt help myself – i had to have a go!  and this is my own version [which i posted on this very blog!]

after seeing the above photo on facebook, a few friends plied me with information regarding this fingery theme. it seems that the original hostage finger wasn’t just pen and ink, but a tattoo!

and it was done by an artist here in liverpool!!

AND it was on another member of the undead population too!!!

seriously, what are the chances??

anyway. i’d promised myself a tattoo as a reward after having quite a difficult summer. and the way all of these things had come together, fate allowed no option other than bringing everything full circle…

so i took a trip into 13 ink tattoo studio, and sought out the source of this whole tale – adam griffiths, the tattoo artist behind the finger hostage photograph.  i had a chat with adam about the idea, and i was ridiculously happy that he agreed to do this tattoo for me.

yesterday, i went in for my appointment and had an experience that has brought previously unknown dimensions to the very definition of ‘pain’.

but i do believe it was worth it, dont you? here is is again, just as my lil’ zombie chomps down..

brainzzz or GTFO!!!

[+update 27 may 2012]

find Adam on instagram [ here ] and facebook [ here ]

and if you want him to mark you forever – take a wander down Bold Street and trade hard cash for a few moments of his time.

Idol Hand
27 – 29 Bold St.
L1  4DN
tel: 07940 417516