face ache

it seems zuckerberg doesnt like zombies…

y’see, my facebook has been deactivated. i am still quite in the dark as to why, but it appears to be related to my colourful surname..

“Facebook is a community where people connect and share using their real identities. When everyone uses their real first and last names, people can know who they’re connecting with. This helps keep our community safe. “

i have never lied about my name – indeed my ‘vanity address’ IS my really real name: http://www.facebook.com/chris.fairrie which is displayed whenever you viewed my profile. irrespective, ive been put into limbo. i had no notification of this deactivation AND i have had to send them a copy of my photo id, before i can have my profile reinstated – no doubt it’ll be minus the zombieking moniker when they do let me back on there. so if you need me, drop an email. address on the pic above [which is technically copyright of facebook]

ive been considering abandoning the ol’ book for some time – i think this could well be the final push…

i find it hard to swallow that this kind of censorship [is that the right word?]  is motivated purely by a need to keep the community safe. but i guess it’s their site and their rules – so what can be done, eh?

wonder how much it’d cost to legally get my name changed to mr. chris zombieking?