so, they let me back on facebook – but i’m no longer in my former [dis]guise…

let me recap: facebook deactivated my account without warning or explanation as to why this was happening. my only option was to fill out a disabled account appeal-ID request, and include a copy of government approved ID [my passort]. the account was then reactivated within a few days. this is part of an email they sent me..

“After further review, we’ve determined that your account was disabled in error. We reactivated your account so you should now be able to log in.

We also standardized your name…  ”

fair enough if they require people to use their really real names. but in my case, i feel they have enforced this change in such an underhand manner. especially given their lack of explanation about the deactivation in the first place. what did i do that made the zuckerberg’s lidless eye focus on me? and although they claim to have permanently deleted the digital copy of my ID from their servers,  how am i to trust that they havent recorded the information in some other manner?

it’s not the enforced name change that has got my back up, its their behaviour.

but there’s no sense getting annoyed if it doesn’t make me take some kind of action. as i’m british, i figure that means i should write the people at facebook a very stern letter of disapproval. and i will also start packing my metaphorical bags, and decide just how much of a presence i want to leave behind

so, im gonna be going over to google+ in the coming weeks. are any of you lovely folk on there already??

anyway, apologies for the rant..   it so rarely happens! i will get back to the regular diet of acrylic paint and brainzzz in the next few days.

zombielove <3