day one in the house

“day one in the plasterboard falls house, and all the residents are getting ready for bed…”

i do hope that anyone familiar with the british TV show, big brother, read that in their best geordie accent?

i am infact geordie myself, and at times i use a big brother quote to prove to people my ethnicity. or occasionally i will resort back to that timeless geordie phrase, “kawasaki motorcycle”.  [although if im honest, my accent was never particualry strong in the first place!]

anyone else have a specific phrases that exaggerates the limits of their local dialect?


anyway. the original point of this post, was to say that i’ve just posted the latest chapter of plasterboard falls. i was trying to recap when i got distracted. i shall continue…

brick girl has had quite an eventful day, what with dying and all that! but it is getting late now and everyone is winding down for the night…

read chapter 6 here