bizarre fingers

have a look at this. bottom left corner…

yup. my fingers only went and got on the front cover of bizarre magazine.

the tagline reads:

tattoo trend sweeping the planet. FINGER TATTOOS!


well, that’s one¬†achievement to write on the ol’ bucket list, just so i can cross it straight off! :D

and obviously, cos it’s on the cover – it’s also inside the mag.

got a FULL PAGE too, didn’t it?! ¬† megazombiexciteface


i’ve seen it on ebaumsworld, stumbleupon, and a stack of other sites and blogs. it’s sitting at 58k notes on tumblr now too. i’ve even seen an animation of the attack that somebody made using my original photos! but what can i say – the cover of bizarre tops them all. surely my lil’ tattoo cannot get any bigger.

i suspect the saga of the zombie finger tattoo will continue…